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Win a FREE Day of Pampering & Hair/Body/Soul Care Goodies on Us!

Win a FREE Day of Pampering & Hair/Body/Soul Care Goodies on Us!

We ❤️ our Soul Mamas and we want to treat you to a Day of Luxury!

Leave a Comment Below letting us know why you deserve a Time Out for Soul Nourishment & Pampering! A Winner will be Chosen on 5/13! Good Luck!

*Be Sure to include your email address, so that we may contact you, if selected!

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Hope Thompson - July 22, 2019

I’m doing this for a women who I consider to be my best friend ever. She is a hard working mom of and 18 year old but she is also I caregiver for her dad whi has some medical issues and no doctor can tell us exactly what’s wrong with him. To her taking care of her mom who was battling cancer( she beat it ). I’ve never seen her complain or get upset if she has to do something for her parents. She is the most giving person I k kw she would give the world to you Iif she could. im beyond blessed to have her In my life. She would really enjoy this seeing that she doesn’t really take time to enjoy her self. Her name is Shawna Hash

Chezla - May 13, 2019

I deserve this because I have taken care of my 10 year old daughter mostly by myself. I sacrifice so much in order to take care of her and hardly do anything for myself, but I still enjoy the journey.

Jailene A - May 13, 2019

I would love to see my mom flourish from a spa day! Life is incredibly overwhelming as a single mom with no assistance or support for 5 children. Her mental and physical health have deteriorated, and it hurts so much to see that. I know she would benefit greatly from having a day to love herself – her body, mind, hair, etc. Her hair has fallen and she is not herself. She has struggled to love herself and be who she was as she has battled ovarian cancer. She is strong, but I think she would truly benefit from a day to herself. Thank you, Soultanicals.

Valerie - May 12, 2019

All mother’s deserve a soul day. We selflessly put ourselves aside to care for everyone else first.

Jahmari Destina - May 12, 2019

My mom deserves this giveaway! She raised four children on her own and is now raising three of my sister’s four children. She is currently in the PICU with my niece who had a brain tumor removed earlier this week.
She rarely does anything for herself and has put her health aside in order to provide for my nieces and nephews. She deserves a day of pampering.

Valerie - May 12, 2019

For starts i think every Mother that post Deserve this!!!! Because of the things we do without thinking about it….but i think i deserve this because i been through alot from my Back surgery two yrs ago and still need my second one to losing everything after it from my car to closing ny Bank account to losing my Husband Mother and Father but i kept moving and always doing for my children even though there grown …from cleaning there room to being there when they need me to babysitting.. I can go on but i can say just being pamper which i never have will be a Blessing even if i don’t get choosen it’s ok may God put it in the hands of whoever Deserves this Good luck Moms We Rock!!!

Jaleesa Gold - May 12, 2019

I deserve this because I am a single mother to a beautiful 4 year old that demands nearly all of my attention. I work full time and I go to school. I just feel like I never get a break, I’m always constantly on the go and never able to treat myself. What other better way is there to enjoy a day of pampering??

Tina - May 12, 2019

For most of my life I helped take care of others, my elderly grandparents, my mom who had Health problems. My own family. So the truth is I never knew how to take care of my own needs. And now I’m helping with my grands. All of this is priceless and I would never change it for anything.

Sarah E. - May 12, 2019

I want to enter for my mom. She raised 6 kids and is currently in the hospital with complications from a medication she was taking for a heart attack she had. She deserves a relaxing time to recuperate after she comes home.

Tashika McFarland - May 12, 2019

Since last year I have had a numerous doctor visits and even surgery to try and correct some health issues. I’m trying to get my mental and health back on track and a day of pampering would mean the world to me.

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