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About Us

"Only the good stuff to make your hair and body swoon in self-loving bliss!” That’s the philosophy behind Soultanicals, a toxin-free, Vegan Hair/Body Care company created by Ayo Ogun, a Mom of 6. “The tearful hair-detangling sessions I had with my daughter—and my heightened sense of responsibility for finding a solution—became the inspiration for my products,” Ogun says. Motivated to produce high quality & effective products to give natural hair a “fresh from the earth” healthy feeling – everyday.
Ayo decided to work with Mother Nature and change the way consumers think about all-natural beauty care! Founded in 2012, with a complete line of invigorating cleansers, radiant moisturizers, strand-revitalizing conditioners, and more “yummy smelling” hair and body care goodies, Soultanicals addresses the specific challenges of multi-textured hair care.


Soultanicals is an earthy, self-love collection of hand-crafted, soul-infused, melanin-inspired, body/hair love products made with a unique blend of organic, plant-based, herbal, and African botanical ingredients.
Our high-quality botanical line combines our passion for self-love with the holistic culture and traditions of Mama Earth and is 100% toxin-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and free from all artificial preservatives, fragrances and dyes. We maintain our high quality by always being handmade to order and delivered fresh to our customers.
Our style is a reflection of our love for different cultures, traditions and the natural richness of Mother Earth that truly inspires us- and our African perspective of culture, spirit, and lifestyle and design because it is our heritage and who we are.
Made for the funky, earthy, natural-lovin’ individuals who are conscious about what they put on their hair & body. Our products speak to the beauty conscious, self lovin', culture lovn', revolutionary & playful spirits who like to stand out with timeless, soul-centric originality.
Soultanicals brings a new, soulistic concept to the marketplace. A fresh, new approach with a distinct earthy flava. We do not just plan to deliver just another body lotion or hair cream to the marketplace; we strive to produce goodies that awaken the spirit. 
Our products are made the old-fashioned hand and with soul. 
Soultanicals is a natural & pleasurable form of self-love.