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Greetings Soulfam!

You may have noticed that stock on our website has been limited all year. For the past couple of years, our brand has grown exponentially to the point where we cannot keep up with demand. Although we've acquired a larger warehouse space, new industrial equipment, limited inventory, we are still not where we want to be. Self Manufacturing at scale requires procedures to be efficient, in all aspects. And to be honest, we have not taken care of it all! And on top of it all, we saw a 500% increase in online traffic since COVID hit. Talk about overwhelm!

Nonetheless, we realize that our positioning in the market needs to be refocused. So we are taking a break to reset! 

We will continue to restock with our online Retailers and I will be working on a business guide for up and coming beautypreneurs. Been working on this for awhile! Stay Tuned!

We hope to return in September and anticipate that Soultanicals will grow into something even better.

In the meantime, you can find our products at a Store near you or with our online retail partners!

Thank you so much for all of your support & love! xoxo


1) Yes, orders awaiting fulfillment will be shipped. We have sent shipment updates prior to this. Please check your junk folders for any missing emails.

2) Soulbucks never expire. They can be used when we return in 6 weeks.

3) No, we are not restocking today. After viewing our 'Back in Stock' Alerts hit 10,000 this month, we just had to hit the sudden pause. We can no longer operate in this manner. We have grown beyond our capabilities and while I do not know what needs to happen right now in this moment, a change MUST occur.

4) Yes, our Online retailers will be restocked because we have supply with our Distributors. Shipping is a MAJOR issue that we have to tackle and we have not conquered this issue while still operating from a self-manufactured and self-funded space.

5) We are in a pandemic! While we've had issues prior to the pandemic, COVID supply chain disruptions as well as the increase of online shoppers,  just made things even more challenging for us.

We've always been faced with criticism, even from the start. Giving up seems like an option but it's not for us. People can always assume from where they are, but not when in another's shoes. Not to mention, having families to maintain in the midst of a global crisis. (I am a CEO with 6 children not going back to school. Yes, I am stressed!)

We truly understand those who are frustrated and no longer want to support our brand. Thankfully, Natural Hair Care is not an obsolete industry. 

For those willing to ride this transition with us, we appreciate your patience & support! Our products are readily available at Sally Beauty, CVS, Rite Aid & Beauty Supply Stores Nationwide. And if you still like to purchase online, please shop with our online retailers below!

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Sharon Brantley - July 17, 2020

It’s so hurtful when you have your items in the cart and when you are checking out it says sold out.I don’t like the online retailers y’all go through it’s even harder to get the items 🤦🏾‍♀️

Ashley - July 17, 2020

Agreed with the other comments regarding orders that have already been placed but not fulfilled. This concern should have been within the announcement before mention of the hiatus. Improvement in customer service is what’s really going to make the business blossom more than it already has. Neglecting customer concerns has potential to create the opposite effect. All the best

Pamela - July 17, 2020

What about the orders from the last sale that I and other people have not received??

Symone - July 17, 2020

I’ve also placed an order that needs to be fulfilled. Needing both salon size products or a refund. Thank you!

Tracy - July 17, 2020

You posted on your Instagram just two days ago that you were about to post the summer products today. I rather purchase directly from your site. Hope to see you back soon!

Lucia - July 17, 2020

Waiting on order update from end of June. Please let us know about current orders that haven’t been fulfilled? I’m patiently, just making sure.

Thank you

Rebecca Gyimah - July 17, 2020

Hello Soultanicals’s team,

Could you shed some light on those who have already placed orders from you last stock???

Thank you



Tangi - July 17, 2020

I’m confused. You sent an email on the 10th saying the website would be restocked on the 17th. Now you’re saying September? Which is it?

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