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Customer F.A.Q.s

Customer F.A.Q.s

Customer Support F.A.Q.s

Q: I have not received my order/shipping confirmation email?

A: Our system sends automated order confirmation emails upon complete transactions. Please verify that your email address was entered correctly via your customer account online. Please also check your junk/spam folders.

Q: I received my order but some of my jars are not filled to the top?

A: In order to support the manufacturing demands of this time of year, we've had to scale operations. Heavy duty machines were used to fill the highly demanded products and are measured by volume, not appearance. Please be advised that products are filled accordingly. However Clay-based products such as Master Hair Cleanse Curl Detox may appear low, as clays are dense in nature so may now appear lower than usual.

Q: The texture of my product feels looser or thicker. Has the formula changed? Is this a bad batch?
A: Our formulas have not changed. Again, we have manufactured at scale to support the demand this time of year, so larger batches require heavy duty emulsification and as a result, the texture may appear looser.
The ingredients are still the same and can still be used effectively.
Q: I received my shipping confirmation email and I noticed some items missing on it. When will the rest be sent?
A: We shipped from 2 different warehouses, so some orders may be split depending on stock availability between the 2. Two separate shipping confirmations have been sent. Please check your emails thoroughly (including spam/junk folders) as they are not the same tracking numbers.
Q: Tracking states that my items were delivered but I did not receive my package.

A: Give it a few days to show up or please check with your neighbors as packages can be misplaced or delayed during this time of year. 

Please also note that if your package has indeed been delivered and you did not receive it, you will have to file a lost/missing package claim with USPS. We are not responsible for any packages marked "Delivered', once shipped. If your package has been lost/stolen, you may also file a claim with the carrier listed on your shipping notification.

Q: When will your website be restocked with the new items?

A: Stay up to date via text alerts or Sign up for our Newsletter!

Q: My Tracking shows delayed movement. What is going on?

A: The US Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS are currently experiencing shipping delays. These delays are being caused by the unprecedented increase in shipping volume, the COVID-19 pandemic, and inclement weather. If tracking shows no movement, they are not scanning at the office, until dispatched to the destination state.

To monitor for up-to-date service alerts, see the following pages:

USPS service alerts
FedEx service alerts
UPS service alerts

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Yazmeen Mitchell - April 20, 2024

I purchased an order on April 16th and purchased the 2 day priority mail and still haven’t received a “my order has shipped” email, tracking number or my package. AFTER purchasing the order I got an order confirmation email saying that it would take 7-10 days for my order to be shipped. I should’ve been notified this BEFORE I purchased and was not. I only had the option for 3 day shipping or 2 day shipping which is a higher price than first class shipping. This is my second time purchasing from this website and the first time I ordered I was able to do the first class shipping. The shipping on this order was HIGHLY MISLEADING and I did not appreciate that.

Sarah - December 22, 2023

I placed my order on December 10th (order number 69975). It’s December 22nd and still no product.

Scott C - November 24, 2023

WHERE IS MY ORDER? I placed my order on November 10th and I also received a confirmation email. It is November 25th and I have not received my order. Please advise.

Huaira - November 19, 2023

Hi i have southeast asian pakistani rupunzel knee length hair ! Can i use your hair mask on my knee length hair one to three times a week. Is it OK if after using other brand shampoo and conditioner and after towel drying hair in damp hair I apply it on scalp 15 seconds and spread it and apply it to the middle 5 seconds rub together and then apply to the ends and rub together 5 seconds then cover with a reusable shower cap NO HEAT that I wash after each use in Washing machine and leave it ONE FULL HOUR, then when I go back to shower just wash out with hot warm water NOTHING else. This is my routine, can I do it this way

Traci Menes - November 15, 2023

I received the pumpkin kaolin detox – should I wash my hair before applying it?

Semaj Smith - June 30, 2023

Has the recipe for the knots sauce changed? Every bottle I’ve gotten from you in the past has been thick and cream colored. The two bottles i just received are looser and a dark brown color. I just want to make sure I’m not using expired products.

NaTasha - May 29, 2023

Want to check order number 64837. Placed an order for my mom after this order and she’s had her order for a week now. What is the shipping status please?

Joseph Wohlafka - April 20, 2023

You sent me a email stating you had knot sauce in at 12:09am on 4/20/23 when I went to order at 2:00 it says sold out or I had a issue with ordering it I do not know which.

Yolanda Hamilton - April 1, 2023

My order came but one of the salon sizes came with the dispenser broken and leaking product.

Niwa - September 16, 2022

How do I also see my previous purchases? I’m trying to see the old products that I once Orders but can’t find them

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