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Customer F.A.Q.s

Customer F.A.Q.s

Customer Support F.A.Q.s

Q: I have not received my order/shipping confirmation email?

A: Our system sends automated order confirmation emails upon complete transactions. Please verify that your email address was entered correctly via your customer account online. Please also check your junk/spam folders.

Q: I received my order but some of my jars are not filled to the top?

A: In order to support the manufacturing demands of this time of year, we've had to scale operations. Heavy duty machines were used to fill the highly demanded products and are measured by volume, not appearance. Please be advised that products are filled accordingly. However Clay-based products such as Master Hair Cleanse Curl Detox may appear low, as clays are dense in nature so may now appear lower than usual.

Q: The texture of my product feels looser or thicker. Has the formula changed? Is this a bad batch?
A: Our formulas have not changed. Again, we have manufactured at scale to support the demand this time of year, so larger batches require heavy duty emulsification and as a result, the texture may appear looser.
The ingredients are still the same and can still be used effectively.
Q: I received my shipping confirmation email and I noticed some items missing on it. When will the rest be sent?
A: We shipped from 2 different warehouses, so some orders may be split depending on stock availability between the 2. Two separate shipping confirmations have been sent. Please check your emails thoroughly (including spam/junk folders) as they are not the same tracking numbers.
Q: Tracking states that my items were delivered but I did not receive my package.

A: Give it a few days to show up or please check with your neighbors as packages can be misplaced or delayed during this time of year. 

Please also note that if your package has indeed been delivered and you did not receive it, you will have to file a lost/missing package claim with USPS. We are not responsible for any packages marked "Delivered', once shipped. If your package has been lost/stolen, you may also file a claim with the carrier listed on your shipping notification.

Q: When will your website be restocked with the new items?

A: Stay up to date via text alerts or Sign up for our Newsletter!

Q: My Tracking shows delayed movement. What is going on?

A: The US Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS are currently experiencing shipping delays. These delays are being caused by the unprecedented increase in shipping volume, the COVID-19 pandemic, and inclement weather. If tracking shows no movement, they are not scanning at the office, until dispatched to the destination state.

To monitor for up-to-date service alerts, see the following pages:

USPS service alerts
FedEx service alerts
UPS service alerts

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SIMON CHU - November 18, 2022

Hello, My name is Simon Chu, and I own a modest shop in Belize as a retailer. I am interested in your products and would like to order some from you. After you have approved my payment, I will make arrangements for the shipment of the ordered goods by having my freight forwarder pick them up at your location. While Before I proceed to place my order, please let me know what you would like from me and give your price list. Accepting credit cards as a form of payment?Awaiting your response shortly.
Regards,Simon Chu.

Jessica Metzler - November 4, 2022

I also ordered 2 products. The Afro tasting curl elastic and the d.e.e.p conditioning treatment back on June 8th. I’ve ordered a lot from soultanicals so didn’t think anything to keep checking my tracking number as I always get the products. It’s now November and realized I never received my items. Now I’m at a loss cause looking back at my emails it says it was delivered but obviously never was seeing that I’ve never used the deep treat conditioner and was excited to finally try it. Not sure what to do at this point. I never thought to question when they arrived cause sometimes it takes longer than normal. I hope there can be a resolve to this, and it seems that I’m not the only one this has happened to :(

Saprina Lee - October 26, 2022

I purchased from you on October 14 two bottles of the detangle conditioner in the total amount of $23.82. I have not received a tracking number nor my items! Please refund me my money back. I order from you all a lot, I’ve never experienced this. My items are always mailed to Saprina Lee
P.O. Box 7160
McComb Ms 39648
Please refund me this is not business at all!

Niwa - September 16, 2022

How do I also see my previous purchases? I’m trying to see the old products that I once Orders but can’t find them

Niwa - September 16, 2022

How do I also see my previous purchases? I’m trying to see the old products that I once Orders but can’t find them

JAN - September 12, 2022

This is the second time I received the incorrect item (Mango Detangilizing Slip). Depending on the day a different product is sent, sometimes it right, lately it’s been wrong. How do I return items? Don’t see that information on the website.. Sent emails but no response. Help!!

Imanie Coleman - August 14, 2022

Good morning,

I am sending this email to follow-up on an email I sent regarding a delivery I received. When I received the package, everything was damaged and there was spillage. I sent an email a week ago with pictures attached and have yet to receive any response. My order number is 57115.

Thank you.

Latoya Parkinson - August 9, 2022

Good morning,
This is Latoya Parkinson, I made a purchase a few weeks back from your website and has been waiting with excitement to final receive my order. However, I received an email stating my package was delivered on Saturday August 6 at 4:47 pm, but there was nothing at my front door. I contacted FedEx and spoke to two representatives who told me I would have to contact the shipper directly, because only Soultanicals can file a claim due to status of the delivery (Ground delivery).

My order number is 56901 and the tracking number is
You can call me directly at 904-599-4154.

Thank you in advanced.

Charmaine - August 7, 2022

Is there something I can buy to add to the hair conditioner to make it more creamy?

Clarence Thomas - July 19, 2022

Hello, I’m the owner of CT Goods, LLC an online retailer. My significant other is crazy about your product and I would love the opportunity to do business through wholesale. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

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