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What should we include in our Travel Hair Care Kits?

What should we include in our Travel Hair Care Kits?

May is Hair!!!! The Countdown to Summer Travel has officially begun! And to assist your summer travel hair care needs, our Napp’etizers are coming back!!!! What would you like to have in travel size? Let us know!

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Snk - July 21, 2021

Travel sizes should be available in all products also we should have salon sizes in all products available to everyone not just salon owners.

Terri - June 22, 2021

I would love to see travel packs tailored after the different hair needs:
Low Porosity pack
High Porosity Pack
Hair Type 4 Pack (Coily pack) … a pack for each hair type with your recommended regimen.

Offering different travel / sample packs would also serve to give people the option to sample varied products and choose the best for them with having to purchase the full size and ensure it works for them first. So it would serve to help those that need travel sizes (like me) and entice others to try other products before buying the full size.

Maya Arroyo Burton - May 28, 2021

Definitely would like to see at least four different options for travel size. One with all your products included. One for fine to medium curly and coily hair. Another for thick coily and tightly textured hair. Lastly a limited edition version for one’s that come out by season.

Kris E - May 22, 2021

I feel it would be great to provide a travel size for ALL your products. No one should have to choose to spend a high price for an item that they can’t return and don’t know if it works for their hair ( or ) pass on your products. Please help us choose you and provide samples, even if they’re offered on a quarterly basis.

Kris Eme - May 21, 2021

I feel that you should provide a travel size for ALL your products. No one should be forced to spend a high price for an item that they can’t return ( or ) pass on your product line as consequence of this.

Yoli - May 17, 2021

Well if its travel sized. I think you should have two different travel packages. one for cold weather and hot weather. That way it adapts to where the person is traveling to.

Suriëlla - May 16, 2021

What i would like to see in the travel sample pack is the following:
Idea 1
The sprout collection:
- rice vitamin shampoo butta
- follicular rice tonic or curl elastic deep conditionig treat
- knot sauce coil detangler sprout & comb-out
- can’t believe it’s not butta sprout & twist-out

Idea 2
- hair to the rescue afrovedic knot goo – ambunu – rhassoul clay co-wash
- superfro ambunu hairgro scalp defense hair intensive mask
- get up, strand up! caribvedic hair oil
- knot sauce coil detangler
- can’t believe it’s knot butta

Idea 3
- a scalp scrub?
- master hair cleanse curl detox
- frizz whiz curl defining leave- in
- supa potent healthy hair growth oil
- twist assist – supanatural twisting cream
- hair sorell – knappylicious kink drink

Idea 4
- shea-yurvedic butta shampoo
- chebe-ginger supa deep conditioner / or any deep conditioner
- kink sink – intense moisture sealant
- slip-n-slide knot proof hair glide
- sprung – coil boosting styling jelly

Kimberley - May 14, 2021

Can we get a pre-poo please !! But other than that as long as there’s a cleanser, deep conditioner, a leave in, and a styler with good enough for a fluffy wash n go or a medium hold twist out, I’m here for it!!!

Monique Anderson - May 10, 2021

Would love to see dash the ash in a travel size. This would be nice to take on the go for your hair and body.

Zoopath - May 10, 2021

Prepping, lathering shampoo, sprung, detangler, aqua mane and deep conditioner,

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