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The Countdown to Black Friday is in effect!

The Countdown to Black Friday is in effect!

Hey Soulfam! We are literally dayssss away from the Biggest Discount Day of the Year! Behind the scenes is so hectic, but the anticipation of our Soulfam has us fired up!

Y'all Ready?!? Are you getting your lists ready? We have a few surprises in store! ;) Stay tuned via all of our social media platforms in the coming week!

What type of sale, product are you looking forward to?

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Caz - December 1, 2021

Everything that was on my wish list was sold out on black Friday and I stayed up to be “first” with absolutely NO luck.

Denise - November 26, 2021

Black Friday sale was underwhelming. The hype was all talk…no action. Where are the surprises as noted above? 40% sale was the same as last year. Why ask people for their opinions and when the majority ask for 50%, your company is still stuck on 40%? The two new products weren’t anything special…neither was this sale that customers have to wait probably a month to get. Don’t get me started on that soulbucks which is a gift card with an expiration date. It’s a gimmick. I hope next year is better!

SNK - November 25, 2021

Why do y’all make so little when y’all know y’all have a large following? Everything I want on my wish list is always sold out, I want salon sizes to not be a rarity, y’all need to do better with the quantity in stock; I guest I’ll buy when I can shop in confidence that everything on my wish list will be available to purchase until then I’ll forever be disappointed with the way y’all handle y’all’s stock availability (not good for business).

Cree - November 20, 2021

Looking for sale 50% off and for availability of Can’t Believe it’s Knot Pumpkin and Pumpkin Kaolin healing locks Deep Clean Curl Detox

Kay - November 20, 2021


I have been using the Chebe super deep conditioner. I noticed that it has suds and it lathers, is it supposed to do this? I also noticed a lot of shedding and my hair is extremely dry after using it.

Jina - November 18, 2021

I have been waiting 3 years to try Soultanical deep conditioners but they are always sold out during sales. I have stayed up and waited but I alway 1 minute late before everything I want is out. Please have enough supplies to satisfy the market and at least 50% off. Thank you for asking!!

SB - November 17, 2021

Looking forward to salon sizes and discounted shipping for international customers (hey hey from the U.K.!)

WB - November 16, 2021

Increased order limits for international customers + 50% off or more please😊

Pèony - November 16, 2021

Looking forward to blinking and everything being sold out.

Kimberly Davis - November 16, 2021

I’m looking forward to your salon sizes of Knot Sauce and Butta shampoo.

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