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Soultanicals New Collection is Exclusively Available at select Walmart Stores Nationwide!

Soultanicals New Collection is Exclusively Available at select Walmart Stores Nationwide!

Walmart Got Soul! Our New Sprout Collection is Exclusively Available at select Walmart stores Nationwide! See Below to Find a Walmart Store Near You and Hit those shelves this weekend!!!!
Our Soulfam are already snagging them off the shelves so be sure to get yours!
This Collection is formulated for healthy hair flourishment! And the prices are family-friendly too! Get you some!
Can’t find it? Ask a Store Manager! Also coming soon to!
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Claudia Smith - September 14, 2022

How could you forget CANADA

PLEASE start in Winnipeg,Manitoba

We have Walmart here well!

Thank you.

Zoe - June 9, 2021

Please.. there are black people in the midwest… help a Kansas girl out ;-;

Tangi - March 5, 2021

Of this entire list there are 3 stores on the West Coast. 2 in Cali and one in New Mexico. I am beyond frustrated with Soultanicals. If you are only going to cater to mostly East Coast markets then be upfront with that. Don’t market yourself as a US-wide brand. Its cruel, misleading, and disappointing.

Sharon - February 27, 2021

Not on the list but I found some in Charlotte NC

Angela A-C - February 21, 2021

Imagine my surprise when I found the Sprout collection at my local Wal-Mart here in The Chi (Chicago). Illinois is not listed here, but Chicago is too big a city with a sizable Black population to not carry Soultanical’s key products. I am very happy about it, & hope that other cities with Black populations will follow suit.

Cassandra - February 21, 2021

long Island NY…..nothing near me smh and full
line not available online….waiting patiently I was able to get my hands on the rice hair milk and the knot butta and oooo baby I need the full line!!!!

Christine - February 21, 2021

I love these products and they are very good but they are way too difficult to obtain. I’ve had to start looking for others that are more readily available. I can’t do the always sold out, waiting for a certain time to restock and not being available near me etc. Very disappointed.

Christina Smith - February 20, 2021

Long Island ny 🏝 would like some too please? Thank you

Cindy - February 12, 2021

There is none in Los Angeles? Really???

Beverly - February 4, 2021

I found availability of the collection online at my local Walmart in a Minneapolis suburb.
A disclaimer or something was listed by each product : “Mayb Generic Merchandise”
Hoping that not to be the case.

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