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Gearing up for the Fall!

Gearing up for the Fall!

Soulfam, with all of the industry shortages occurring due to the pandemic, we want to get a head start on Fall goodies. We will only focus on manufacturing our Fall favorites. What are you most excited to see retuning to our seasonal inventory?

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Yolanda Wilson - August 7, 2020

All of it! I never tried any. Can’t wait 😀

Tina - August 7, 2020

All of it. I’m team soultanicals all day.

Jennifer Vargas - August 7, 2020

liter sizes please for the pumpkin clay mask , chebe ginger and the carrot shampoo but in a jar . thanks

Candara J McQueen - August 7, 2020

I haven’t seen a shampoo bar in ages! I’ve tried others, but honestly, yours is the best. Any flavor, and smell, I don’t care, but please, a shampoo bar.
I also tried some hair food that my sister had. It was wonderful, my frizzy kinks at the crown of my head loved it. I don’t remember the name, but I know it was a food of some kind and it was green! Thick green deep conditioner.
Finally, the bloom growth oil is great. My scalp was very rejuvenated even though my hair doesn’t do well with olive oil (can I suggest a castor oil recipe). I’m not a chemist, but I love your products, so keep doing what you do. I am very much looking forward to what fall brings. (Applause all around Miss Ayo!)

Christina - August 7, 2020

Chebe ginger dc in liter size, and any fall flavor slip and slide hair glide (obsessed with tropical rn)

Chericka - August 7, 2020

Pumpkin Clay Kaolin, Can’t Believe it’s Not Pumpkin (please bring this back Ayo!!!), Carrot Shampoo, Almond Milk Healthy Hair Drink, and the Hot Oil. Honestly everything but please consider the Pumpkin twist cream, need my hair to smell like the fall, my favorite season.

Jai - August 7, 2020

Chebe Deep Conditioner in Liter Size pls!

Pamela - August 7, 2020

I wasn’t around during the fall products but I know whatever you put out there I will want and I will buy!

Tasha - August 7, 2020

I would love to see the following:
Scalp Scrub
Can’t Believe it’s Not Pumpkin
Sweet Potato Custard
Chebe Ginger-Liter size
Knot Syrup
Almond Milk

I know these are not fall items but I would also love to see the Glide and Go Deep Conditioner and Mega Greens Butta Shampoo in liter size.

Ayo - August 7, 2020

The clay, the custard and shampoo. I always miss out on the fall. Hopefully newsletters get sent. really need a shampoo shampoo. Even a fall shampoo bar would work!

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