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Self Love Breast Rub

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Soultanicals Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Self Love Breast Rub(A Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Product)

25% of the Proceeds of this product will go to Women/Families who are fighting the battle against Breast Cancer.

Holistically, breasts are a symbol of beauty, nourishment, and new life sustenance. Spiritually, breasts are closely linked with intuition and discernment. When we are attentive to our breasts, we become more in tuned with our own needs. A lovely reason why we should incorporate a self-care practice of massage on a regular basis. By doing so, you will create a feeling of love, beauty, trust and self-acceptance.

How Do I Use this Healing Breast Massage Oil? :
Our Self Love Breast Rub is specially formulated to support healthy breast tissues, ease hormonal tenderness, and boost lymphatic circulation. Use this oil as a daily breast massage or during a monthly moontime ritual. Check in with your breast self and use anytime to experience a flow of healing, sacred energy!

For external use only. Your Healing Breast Massage Oil will last for one or more years if stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight or in the refrigerator for maximum shelf life.

Note: You may see flecks of dried botanicals in your oil. This is totally normal and will not harm your skin. In fact, theses organic flower herbs are helpful to support your breasts!

*Chosen for their potent healing properties, these 100% energetic herbs have been blended to:

-Calendula, Ginger, Red Clover promotes healthy breast circulation
-Fenugreek, Fennel prevents stagnation
-Castor, Comfrey, Lady’s Mantle, Yarrow for easing hormonal tenderness
-Holy Basil & Essential Oils enhances the mood
-Flaxseed, Olive Oil supports supple skin tone
-Oregano, Turmeric for anti-cancer & chemo-preventative properties
-Jasmine, Lavender & Rose Petals to Cultivate Trust & Intimacy with Self

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult expert medical advice before using during pregnancy. Keep out of the reach of children.

Nourishing & Healing Ingredients:
Flaxseed, Castor, Olive Oil infused with Organic Comfrey root, Ginger, Turmeric, Organic Dandelion root, Organic Lady’s Mantle, Calendula, Rosemary, Organic Yarrow, Organic Red Clover, Fennel, Holy Basil, Fenugreek, Thyme, Oregano, Organic Lavender Buds, Jasmine Flowers, Rose Petals, Geranium, Sweet Orange, Lavender Essential Oils

2 fl oz./ 59 mL