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Natural Hair Ayurvedic Superfoods Treatment Blend

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Our Natural Hair Ayurvedic Superfoods Treatment Blend is all about optimizing hair health include strengthening, hair re/growth, luster and shine, aiding and soothing scalp issues, increasing blood circulation, thickening the hair, and so many more. Since Ancient times, Ayurvedic hair treatments utilizes natural hair ingredients that get to the root of the hairs—both the literal hair roots and the underlying metabolic processes that lead to the state of health of your hair.

Type: Fine Powder Blend ; 8 oz; 226 Grams

-Can be mixed with water to create a thick mask or added to oil and conditioners.

Bhringraj- For Circulation to the scalp
Amla- For Healthy Scalp/Hair
Neem- For Protection against damage
Ashwagandha- For Reducing hair loss
Brahmi- For Strengthening the hair follicles
Fenugreek- Beneficial against hair fall and dandruff
Moringa- Prevents drying & clogging of scalp glands
Ginger- Stimulates hair follicles
Triphala- Repairs damaged hair, increases hair volume
Hibiscus- Healthy Hair Growth & Adds Sheen
Tulsi- Anti-inflammatory, Adds Luster

Please Note: Due to Nationwide Packaging shortages, clear glass jars may temporarily substitute amber glass jars.