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Manestay, Hen-tonite Clay Treatment

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Manestay Hen-tonite Clay Treatment is designed to strengthen from the roots to the tips, repairing damaged hair strands. Restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp by building a protective layer and locking the nutrients and moisture. This treatment fills in the damaged pockets in the hair cuticle, strengthening the hair strands.

The non-staining Henna (Cassia obovate leaf) in this clay is completely colorless and is perfect for bringing out your natural hair color by conditioning deeply and treating the hair follicle. This combo is a fantastic curl elongator for those looking for more definition and length.

Directions: Start with freshly washed hair or clean, dry hair. If you have color-treated hair, wait 8 weeks after your coloring treatment. Part your hair in four sections (or more, if you have thick hair) and work the henna from root to tip, fully saturating the hair. Wrap your head with a plastic cap and let the Hen-tonite mix develop for 30 minutes but no longer than an hour. Thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water. It takes some time to rinse out, so just be patient. Let your hair air dry. Style as usual.  Optional- For noticeable results, refrain from applying any other treatment to your strands after a 24-48 hour period. This will allow your hair color to fully "pop"; you may then deep condition/treat your hair, afterwards. Please Note: This is a Special Hair treatment, not to be confused or replaced with a regular cleanser.

HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water Infused with Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Wheatgrass, Oatstraw, Nettle, Horsetail, Bentonite Clay, Henna (Cassia Obovata leaf), Blackstrap Molasses, Coconut Milk, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Nectar, Biotin, Silica, Phthalate-Free Fragrance, Gluconodeltalactone, Sodium Benzoate and an extra dose of soulistic flava & LOVE!

This henna & bentonite mix will not change your hair tone, it emphasizes your natural hair color by bringing out dimension and shine.