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Introducing VIP SOULPERKS... a Free rewards points program.

If you have a registered Soultanicals account, you may use points as savings towards future purchases & other perks! Sign in to your Soultanicals account to begin. Happy Shopping!!!


How do I earn soulperks?

You earn soulperks by making purchases on

How do I redeem my soulperks?

To redeem your soulperks, click the points tab while logged into your customer account. Just search for the reward you are eligible for using your points and hit “redeem”

Who is eligible to participate in our VIP Soulperks rewards program?

You must be a United States resident who is at least 18 years old to participate

How much does it cost to join?

Our rewards program is completely free! 

Is there a limit to how much soulperks I can earn? 

Not at All!

Does soulperks expire? No, they do not! Vip Soulperks continues to accumulate as long as your account remains active.

How can I see my VIP Soulperks balance?

You can view your soulperks balance when you log into your Soultanicals account and check your account page. 

What types of exclusive deals are for High Soulbucks earners?

Exclusive deals will be sent to Soulbucks earners with over 1000 points. Exclusive deals include 50% off coupon, free products, free Soultanicals merch & more!