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Where has some of my favorite products gone?

Throughout our website, there has a been a decrease in the range of Soultanicals products. Throughout the course of the year, we have been slowly transitioning to offering our solid core, best-selling products.

Why this transition?

When we first started, our goal was to provide you with the highest quality, handmade natural hair & body care products. As we have continued to grow with you, our demand has exceeded our production capabilities! Producing handmade products in small batches for such a large volume is no longer conducive for our small business- economically, spiritually and physically!

During this journey we realized the most important aspects of our business are Ingredients/Quality and Shipping. In order for us to continue fulfillment on a holistic-scale while eliminating ongoing shipping issues, we have to implement these changes.

While we continue to restructure our brand, please note that there will only be about 12 SKUs solidly available, on a constant basis. All other products here will be avail, in limited amounts. (Most are not going away, just limited!) As we continue to expand, this will change over time. We appreciate your support & understanding during this time!

Why are you telling us all of this?

Not only is this point frequently addressed, we want to maintain an open rapport with our customers & supporters regarding our changes.

No secrets over here. Plus, we appreciate any and all feedback! :)

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  • Will you be bringing back the mega greens butta poo? Better yet, in salon size.

    Tangi on
  • Guys. Will you think about your European customers? It’s almost impossible to find your products in France! Please do something. Your main provider said they’re discontinuing your products.

    Lili on
  • Can you please bring out the Carrot shampoo

    Stephanie on
  • Can you please bring out the Carrot shampoo

    Stephanie on
  • What about salon size and the protein/glycerin free conditioner?

    Dangi on

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