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Spring is in the Hair! What are you adding to your 'Back to Life' Hair Stash?

Spring is in the Hair! What are you adding to your 'Back to Life' Hair Stash?

These goodies will be around All Season Long! By the time Summer rolls around, your hair will be ready for the solar heat!!!!
What's on your Spring Hair Care List? Chime in Below!
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Lenae Chong - July 29, 2021

I really enjoyed the Mega Greens Butta Shampoo. I would like to order some more but, I can’t find it anywhere on the website. Do you still sell it?

Kimberley Hooks - May 8, 2021

Hi, just checking to see if you’ll be coming out with a prepoo soon.

Thanks, KH

Gee - April 23, 2021

Please !!! Make the mega greens shampoo a permanent fixture on the site PLEASE!!!

Tm - April 22, 2021

Hair healer is the best

Fine Natural Hair ROCKS - April 22, 2021

All of these products are on my to try list!!! I can’t wait for the DROP of that NewNew =D

Maria Dabney - April 22, 2021

I really need a restock on that Hershey love body scrub.

Allyn LeBlanc - April 22, 2021

I just need two of the Hisbus Healer! I have been waiting so long to get my hands on this deep conditioner!!

Ayo C - April 22, 2021
MANESTAY MANESTAY MANESTAY! I didn’t realize how much it helped my hair and took me a it to figure out it in my routine. I really love using henna in general but haven’t consistently and it in this format was the best! A larger size that 8oz pleaseeeeeeeee
Tasha - April 22, 2021

Manestay and Aqua Mane. The other 2 items I love, but I already have in liter sizes. I was hoping Power to the Prepoo and the Haitian Black Castor & Babab Oil would make a comeback

Ashley Long - April 22, 2021

Pleasee do a liter size of the Aquamane. I NEED that!!!!

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