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Soultanicals Leave-In Conditioner Guide? Which Leave-in is for me?

Soultanicals Leave-In Conditioner Guide? Which Leave-in is for me?

Greetings Soulfam! Hair is our handy Leave-In Conditioner guide for those seeking to solidify their product decisions. In the coming days/weeks, We will be sharing more detailed product/ingredient tools on how to best use our products!

Which of our Leave-In works for you? Also, what other type of hair guides/information would you like to see?

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Francine Hawkins - May 1, 2020

Looking for a leave in conditioner, my hair is 4c it is some what thick and tight curls.
However it gets a lot of knots in it and mad shrinkage.

Rose Anderson - March 24, 2020

I would love advise as to the products that work well together. I have very light fluffy and fairly fine TWA hair. I currently use the knot sauce as my leave in/styler along side Shea moisture pow porosity leave in. I need something like knot sauce but a little bit thicker. My hair is growing now and I want to do twist outs that let my hair look shiny longer and allows my hair to stand up. More help in product choices. I have bought some of the line but they somehow have not worked for my hair and causes my hair to be dry.

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