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It's our Soul'iversary! We are Officially 11!

It's our Soul'iversary! We are Officially 11!

It’s Official!!! As of 11/7, we are 11 years old now! Praises to the Most High for using us as vessels to produce quality, nature-based, holistic hair, skin, body care solutions for families worldwide! 🙌🏾 And Thank you to Everyone who has ever purchased, supported, shared our products in these past 11 years! Since 2012, we have provided nourishing, natural, chemical-free hair care products to satisfied customers all over the world. We are honored to always bring a fresh, innovative concept to the marketplace. A category-innovator with a distinct earthy flava!

Soultanicals’ Hair Care Products are a blessing and a solution to dry and damaged natural hair textures. With a plethora of Hair/Body/Soul Friendly goodies to choose from, there will be no end to the fun & excitement in finding the Flava that suits your Style & Follicular palates. Please share how we have served you over the years- Your 1st experience, your fave must-have/go-to product... we’d love to commemorate this special anniversary with you All! 

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Fizzy Yamoah - November 10, 2023

Happy 11th Anniversary!

When I started my natural hair journey, I tried so many different products to grow my hair. I even went back to the classics for a while. From my journey I’ve learned that while hair length is great, hair (and scalp) health was more important.

I can still remember that fateful day I came to a hair show and your products were on display. Wrapper’s Delight Kink Drink and Plait’num Roots Hair Oil became part of my staple products (still have high hopes that the oil will make a comeback 😅). I order every product that became available, only to scale back because (through no fault of my own) I’m allergic to coconut oil.

I can now say, after all these years, that I’ve found a brand that I can trust with my hair (and product lines that won’t break me out in hives). Thank you for providing good quality handmade hair care products.

Let’s make a toast to more larger sizes (but smaller than salon), more products without coconut/ treenut oils, and more years to come!🥂🎉

Ashley B. - November 10, 2023

Thank you. I love your brand. It’s my go to now. From the Detoxes to the shampoo buttaa to the lovely deep conditioners. Keep up the hard work. Cause it’s definitely love in jars being made.

Tay Tay - November 10, 2023

Happy 11th Anniversary🥳Your hard work and perseverance have paid off.May your business continue to prosper in the yrs to come!Cheers to your well deserved success👏🏼I was drawn to your brand from the amazing ingredients you include your products as well as your creativity🙌🏼I have been using your products for years and still get excited about everything you come out with.Love you Ayo🥰❤️🥳

Johnnell Washington - November 10, 2023

Thank y’all for your continuous effort and love day after day, year after year. Thanks for the most amazing hair softening products Keep up the good work.

Leila Radan - November 10, 2023

Oh my GOODNESS!!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I am soooo very thankful for your existence because you have literally SAVED me!
After a lifetime of not understanding my hair, never fully basking in the glory of my curls due to dyeing (and not understanding that in doing so I was killing my curls), bleaching and so much more, Soultanicals and the magic of Ayo Ogun SAVED ME!
Between 2019 and 2020 THREE different colorists destroyed my hair. They fried it when bleaching it (because I insisted to be blonde to avoid facing my greys) and I had to big chop every time, this after a lifetime of having almost waist length hair. I was devastated because my very sense of self lived in my hair. To not lose my mind, I started a YouTube channel to chronicle my journey to healthier hair. I studied hair like never before and with that my search for products that would nourish my hair began.
I tried SO many products, SO many brands and though some may have yielded ok results, I hadn’t found anything that wow’ed me into believing my hair could be anything beyond dry and that it could thrive again… until I found Soultanicals. I’d heard about you via my YouTube faves, Mad Curls, and I finally decided to jump on in and try it out and I was FLOORED! My hair was soft AND the curls were happy and strong and for once, post all this damage, it looked SO good! I ordered more products thinking that no way would they floor me like the initial four did, it was a fluke, and, again, they did. Now 54 YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF ONLY SOULTANICALS products later (and probably after 70+ products) I cannot imagine life without Soultanicals!
My hair is BACK! My curls are THRIVING! They are strong AND soft and beautiful. I even stopped bleaching my hair and embraced my grays and I don’t think I ever would have taken that leap without the foundation of nourishment and health that Soultanicals has provided me with.
I was so badly depressed before. With the damage that my hair had experienced so many times over, all the big chops, my beloved length GONE, I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. My hair was brittle, breaking. The entire crown of my head kept breaking off and was sparse, thinning. NOW? It’s thick and growing in happy, fluffy and BIG (for my curl type). I even asked my stylist if I would be considered medium density (still suffering from the trauma of the thinning and hair loss) and she laughed and said “Are you kidding me? You call this THICK hair medium? Are you blind?” YASSS!
It takes me over an hour to do my hair every day since I have to refresh daily. I use the LOC method and ALL the products I use are Soultanicals. I have NO interest in anything else. My YouTube channel has essentialy become exclusively Soultanicals. And my daily routine is one of gratitude for this gift that is Soultanicals. My daily refresh is the time I have carved out each day to love and appreciate my hair, my crown, placed atop my head in its full glory by my SoulFam when I was lost and thinking I’d lost my beloved crown for good. I am forever thankful and every day just feel so much joy whenever I so much as catch a glimpse of my hair! I AM BACK and I am overjoyed.
And faves? I LOVE the Kink Sink Intense Moisture Sealant… the caramel butta flava scent is AMAZING. The Magical Molasses Deep GOD. But I already feel this way about EVERYTHING SOULTANICALS and everything of yours I’ve ever used. I cannot pick one thing. That’s a cruel question. 😂

Trina Thompson - November 10, 2023

Happy Anniversary, you have been nothing short of a big blessing to my hair care! I love you Ayo @ Soultanicals! 🫶🏾

Bree - November 10, 2023

Ayo we thank you for 11 years for providing us with magnificent hair care. May God Bless You!

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