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Important Message Regarding Stock!!!

Important Message Regarding Stock!!!


Peace Soulfam Community!

While we are taking extra cautionary measures in preparing, handling and shipping your packages as well as comply with social distancing (as per the recommendations of the CDC), our manufacturing supply chain remains operational, however, there is an industry shortage on specific ingredients.

As a result, large volume manufacturing will be on pause!

This means that many of the SKUs that are available on our website will not be in stock until further notice. In the meantime, please check out our list of online retailers that carries a large selection of our products. (See Below)

Effective April 2020, ONLY Spring Limited Edition products (that we've already been working on), NEW Body Care/Wellness Essentials (that are much needed in these times), a select few SKUs will be available for purchase on our website, until further notice.

Thank you for your patience as we adapt to this evolving situation. Please stay safe, take care of yourselves & stay positive! Look forward to rejoicing with you on the other side of this! 

xoxo, The Soultanicals Team

​P.S. You will likely notice from our website, that all items that require a large percentage of certain ingredients are unavailable. 

We anticipate being able to restock on all items till mid May. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.



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Telishia - April 12, 2020

Very difficult purchasing in canada. None of the websites mentioned ship out here. The Canadian sally website doesn’t even carry these products.

Brandy Black - March 30, 2020

Once everything goes back to normal…I HOPE SOON in the world. Will you all be bringing the children collection back

Serena - March 26, 2020

Oh no! I’m so glad you all are staying safe! I just tried your Frizz Whiz Leave In and am absolutely IN LOVE (it’s now my favorite LI and my holy grail)!!! I came on here to buy the salon size, and am gutted to learn that it’s out of stock. :( It’s going to be a tough month or so trying to savor the small bottle, but I’ll get through it! I really really hope you release the Frizz Whiz salon size when things reopen (mid-May, you said?); you’d have one absolutely ECSTATIC customer! :D Love your brand and all that you do! <3

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