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Happy New Year, SoulFam!

Happy New Year, SoulFam!

We’ve been a little MIA because we’re kicking our goals into high gear already!!! Can’t wait to share all of the Newness we have in plans for 2019!!!! 😁 We’re adding to our Soulpreneurial endeavors this year! 

What are your goals...Hair, Body, Soul or Business goals??? 

Let us know below!

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Alexandra - January 31, 2019

Hair Goals: voluminous hair, definition, soft, and moisture.
Please bring back Frizz Whiz, Curl Defining Leave-In Salon Size or 16oz.
thank you.

Ale - January 13, 2019

Hair goals= Super soft, lubricated/moisturized hair

Liv - January 11, 2019

This brand saved my families hair! Jumping into the natural hair community i couldn’t get no help because having 3b/3c hair that’s dry a lot of natural hair places could not help me die to the sheer ignorance of believeing that lightskinned black women don’t suffer with hair issues. This brand is healthy, has helped with my hair dryness, and keeps it healthy and i thank this brand for not being bias towards hair type, anyone from thick coarse hair to loose curls can use this hair brand and it is AMAZING!!! I love you!!

Asjah felix - January 11, 2019

Im so thankful that I found this brand & that you are actively trying to improve everything. I’m glad that you are trying to keep us happy and provide us with the option to buy fresh new products! I love that you actually respond to comments, and you listen to your customers. I’m trying to grow my hair out & I want to be a certified cosmetologist. I’m currently in school. ❤️

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