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Hey SoulFam! We’ve been getting quite a few messages/issues regarding using our Sprayer tops! These are trigger sprayers which means liquid gets disbursed in wide range. While its invention is brilliant, it can be quite cumbersome to use with ingredients other than water. Here are some tips on navigating this tricky bottle! Hope this helps! If you’d prefer the simple sprayer tops, chime in your thoughts below! Thanks!


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  • The product clogs all nozzles. Ive switched spray bottles and it clogged all three. They are now broken..im so kinda dissatisfied. I actually like the product but will be returning

    Akaila Johnson on
  • Something is clearly wrong because on all my products with this sprayers are all broke can you seend me replacements for three bottles , i would be extremely grateful.

    Jo Ann Coble on
  • The spray nozzle on my SPROUT follicular rice tonic broke during my 1st use. I had to put the product in another bottle on a per use basis, because I want it to remain protected from exposure by the dark bottle until used.

    Kristen Christopher on
  • The trigger is not working on my bottle. I have poured the product in another bottom. Love the product!

    Sheila Moore on
  • Please don’t replace the sprayer tops. People complaining don’t go to the big hair companies and ask them to change the bottles or jars that can be quite difficult. So, leave your products in those cute jars and bottles like you have them. I love EVERYTHING about your products. I have 95% of your goodies, and no faults.

    LaWanda on

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