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Expanding the H.E.A.L. Collection! Need your input!

Expanding the H.E.A.L. Collection! Need your input!

Soulfam, we are EXPANDING our H.E.A.L. (Holistic Essential Anti-viral Living) Collection and we need your help!
We created the H.E.A.L. Collection in response to the worldwide pandemic. Instead of offering hand sanitizers and masks, we wanted to contribute to wholistic solutions! Since then, we’ve been selling out of this category as more people tend to focus on wellness products. We want to offer more- including supplements, cleaning products, home care, another hair care product, etc…. Keep in mind everything in this collection is pure and will not contain fragrances (mostly essential oils) & very mild ingredients!
What other products/offerings would you like to see added to this collection?
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Therese Chambers - June 22, 2022

OK so I was thinking. People are sick of using hand sanitizers constantly which makes their hands dry and it sometimes crack and hurt. Can you create a lotion that moisten the hands but also sanitize our hands.

Regarding hair product, maybe you can do something with avocado and either lavender, tea tree or lemongrass. Any combination that works better.

Also if you could create something really nice to spray on our pillows, sheets, furniture that make them smell oh so lovely, and also kills bacteria etc.

Hope this helps.

Keep up the good work :)

Tiffanie - May 30, 2022

A face wash, body oil, or immunity defense type item would be dope.

TLynn - May 21, 2022

I love see a H.E.A.L bundle box 😉

Louella - May 20, 2022

I would like for you to make a clean hair mask

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