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Love Aflare Self Love Candle

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Self Love means that “I” comes first. It means putting yourself first mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Soultanicals encourages you to put yourself first. Discover what nurtures your soul. Calendar in time for yourself. Make your next wash day, a self-love experience. Light this candle, play some soulful tunes, do a happy hair dance as our amazing deep conditioners nourishes into your follicles, and give yourself a scalp massage with any of our hair oils/balms. Whatever is happening in your life, give thanks and vow to care for your self more deeply than ever before. Journal and create a non-negotiable agreement that you are the most important person in your life. Remember that you are the precious gift and this gift is for you!

Soul-roma: Rose Gold

Glowtanicals are naturally scented, 100% Vegan, soy wax candles. These soy candles will bring a delicate fragrance into the home, office or bath with the exquisite scent of fine essential oils. This candle contain absolutely no paraffin, additives, zinc or lead...only pure, natural ingredients for a clean, soot and smoke free experience into your Home Spa environment.