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Ayo's CEO Birthday Box- Ships by 2/9

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In honor of our CEO's 43rd Birthday (1/27) , we created a special Limited Edition Bundle featuring some of Ayo Ogun's favorite soulistic goodies!

There are only a limited amount available, so be sure to snag this exclusive, limited edition collection featuring these classic faves! 


Moroccan Silk Moisture Hair Milk

"Moroccan Moisture Milk is my favorite Soultanicals' hair milk! It's super creamy, quenching & hair softening! It's so good, it deserves an entire collection. Stay tuned! ;)"

Afro Gel-lato Coil Enhancing Plant Gel

"Afro Gel-lato is one of our original gels! This coil-friendly gel enhances my afro texture., while adding shine. Can't beat that!"

Brooklyn Floss Boss Gloss

"This Hair Gloss not only provides high gloss goodness, it's an homage to my hometown! A must in my hair stash for my protective styles & rocking my full natural days!"

Growtanicals Hair Gummies

"While this particular hair gummie is discontinued, not only does this provide potent hair growth results, it's a sugary treat! Perfect for the sweet tooth lovers! But we can't be billed for your dental costs, lol!"

Mama Says Knock You Out, Twist/Braid Butta

"Mama Says Rock You Out! This smoothing, plant butter def makes me happy to rock my twists & braid outs!"

Shea Honey, Oat-So-Yummy, Softening Body Poo Bar

"This organic goodness and skin loving shea, rich, moisturizing yummy bar is my household staple!"