1st Black-Owned Beauty Supply Store in Nashville made $50,000 in its first 3 hours of opening!

Posted by Ayo Ogun on

Greetings Soulfam,

Let's give a major Shout-out & Congratulations to Roots Beauty Supply, the 1st Black-Owned Beauty Supply store in Nashville, TN. Not only did they gross $50,000 within the 1st 3 hours of opening, they drew a major crowd stretching around the corner.

This is a major accomplishment for the African-American beauty Industry which grosses 2.5 billion dollars in revenue yearly. We are our biggest consumers, so let's continue to support those who know more about our hair needs and recycle those dollars back in the community. If you're in the nabe, make sure you visit them.

They're located at:

Roots Hair and Beauty

Location 1- 4758 Highway 58
Chattanooga, TN 37416–2290

Location 2- 3913 Brainerd Road, Suite, 116

Chattanooga, TN 37411       

423-490-ROOT (7668)


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  • This is awesome but this is in CHATTANOOGA, TN. Which is about an hour or more AWAY from Nashville. Nashville still has NO black owned beauty supply stores. Lets not spread false narratives.

    Arlee Dennis on
  • Hi, I have always wanted to opening up my own beauty supply store, be self. I live in a small town outside of Jackson ten… have started but still in the process of getting my little store together do you have any suggestions for me please help !!!

    Wilma miles on
  • Hello my name is Barbara and I am the owner of https://AfricanAmericanwigs.Net and we are a black owned online wig retailer. Stop by and check us out!

    Barbara Lane on
  • We absolutely love this store and the employees are so nice

    Jennifer Lockridge on
  • Awesome and quite a milestone!! Likewise in the Nail Industry. We are a Black Owned Nail Salon in Va S&J Nail Salon, but many do not care to give some salons a try because of popular belief. We Educate our cilents as well because we are a Nail School who constantly have to fix other Ethnic group work. Support your own ladies and gents!! Much Love

    Edward jenkins on

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